You Kickstarted Me

You Kickstarted Me is a collection of successful entrepreneurs who have utilized the crowdfunding platform of to fund not only their ideas and products, but also their passions and ambitions.
Peter Dering, creator of Capture Camera Clip System
Matt Chisholm, creator of Mathematician's Dice
Akin Bilgic, creator of The SF Mirrors Project
Johnny Travis and Herbet Gracia, founders of FAZE Apparel 
Dave Jackon, co-creator of Coffee Joulies
Jackie Princeau, Fashion Designer
Danny Fukoba and Brad Leong, co-creators the iphone stand The Oona
Colin Karpfinger and Ronald Mannak, co-creators of Air Guitar
Michael Woods and Evan Murphy, co-creators of Trebuchette
Ken Frankovich, Adam Pettler, and Jim Houk, co-creators of Revolights
Grace Hawthorne, creator of Paper Punk
Mina T. Son and Sarah Newens, co-directors of the table tennis documentary Top Spin
Michael Tseng, creator of PlateToppers
Barron Cuadro and Katie Wintrode, co-founders of menswear Fifth & Brannan

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