An 8-course tasting menu from San Francisco's Chef Francis Ang of Abacá Restaurant

Scallop Kinilaw

Filipino version of ceviche. Scallop is marinated in home-made apple vinegar and served with fermented apples and preserved dalandan (sweet orange) brought from the Philippines.

Ginataang Kale

Organic kale braised with coconut milk and tinapa [smoked fish] with salmon roe.

Pancit Puso

Pickled banana heart is the star of this pancit dish. Served with chicharron, shrimp, and two types of noodles.
Crispy Pork Dinuguan
Braised and deep-fried pork belly served with dinuguan (pork blood) foam on seared puto (rice cake).

Pato sa Igado

Muscovy duck breast from Grimaud Farms in Stockton that’s roasted until its skin is crisp and glazed with igado (liver) sauce. Finished with foie gras to give it even more richness.

Silken tofu made fresh from Hodo Foods in Oakland. Served with calamansi (Philippines’ common lime-like fruit) sago (tapioca balls). 

Sunchokes, yuzu, coffee. Macapuno (a naturally occurring mutant coconut prized for the soft jelly-like coconut meat)

Tsokolate at biskit

Burnt honey buttercream is sandwiched between lengua de gato ("cat's tongue") shortbread cookies and served with hot chocolate spiked with fernet. 

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